Fearless and strong women are authentic.

Fearless and strong women are tender.

Fearless and strong women are brave, kind, compassionate, and loving.

F-E-A-R-L-E-S-S woman are powerful who can change the world

It takes a strong woman to be a father too

The Covid-19 has been a wreaking havoc the world over. The global pandemic has seen people rush to shops to stockpile, employ rigorous hand-washing techniques, retreat indoors and distance themselves from other people in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. But what happened to those who cannot stockpile, who do not have water readily available, who can’t social distance, and who cannot stay at home? This is a very real problem in South Africa in our local communities, where poverty and unemployment are rife.

With no additional income into the household — and without the assistance of a food parcel, many people in the community rely on social grants, which means they do not qualify for a food parcel. Several incidents of looting and rioting in areas our local communities (Cape Flats) allegedly as a result of growing frustration over promises of food parcels, coupled with a lack of food for poor residents to sustain themselves during the nationwide lockdown.

Although the government has made provision for food-assistance packages for the most vulnerable, some people say it is those who fall just outside of the qualification criteria who are most at risk. During the lockdown, school-feeding schemes, which feed about nine-million schoolchildren, are not running, so those children now rely on food at home. Children always run to their mothers when they are hungry for food.  It is always the burden of the mothers to see that the family is well-fed and there is food on the table for the next day. It takes a strong woman to be a father too

These are unprecedented time, as part of a community outreach programme, as a small organisation that has been birthed recently our #teamTUTS, #FearlessWomen, determined to change another women’s life has distributed food parcels to a random woman to those who are in dire need of help due to the effects of #Covid19inSA. They have shown that Fearless and strong women are brave, kind, compassionate, and loving.


Our teams will actively continue to support the community

TUTS Foundation as three main goals during this pandemic: to feed, educate and help by empowering to develop underprivileged women and girls in our local communities. The organisation has created a Covid-19 Action Plan to help those who will be hit hardest because of the virus. R480 can sustain a family of four for 14 days

What we need: Cash donations, food donations, clothes donations, blankets donations, toiletries donations

What the funds will buy: Bulk packs containing: non-perishable foods, personal hygiene / sanitary items, cleaning materials and household essentials

Who the goods will go to: They aim to provide for 5,000 households in the Cape Flats community?

Where to donate Via PayPal on our website


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